Top tips: online learning

Online lectures and seminars can often feel like they’re not the real thing. Watching someone speak on a screen can mean it’s easy to get distracted and lose concentration. It can be difficult but it’s still important to use these sessions and make the most of them so here are my top tips to try and remain focused.

Find a quite space to study – though it can be difficult to find this space dependent on where you’re living at the moment, it’s important to be away from distractions. Even just putting on some headphones to block out the background noise can be beneficial to engaging in what’s being said.

Distance yourself from distractions – I’d recommend putting your phone away or at least on do not disturb so that you aren’t tempted to scroll through instagram or check your notifications. Plus it’s always a good idea to take some time away from your phone and this is the perfect opportunity to create some distance. Look out for what sort of things you find distracting when learning online to try and work out what the best environment would be for you to work in.

Treat it as you would treat an in person lecture – take notes, ask questions, do the preparation to truly make the most of these lectures and to truly understand the content. I find that engaging and putting my ideas across really helps me to concentrate and take in the information. It also helps to make sure you have a good understanding if you put your thoughts on the topic out there as you can hear how others may agree or disagree with your points. As much as it’s important to make the most of your contact hours, remember it can be difficult to adjust and that you should give yourself credit for getting through it.

Keep on top of your work – it can be so easy to put off doing work when there is less structure surrounding university. However, the best way to not make unnecessary stress is to try not to fall behind. Keeping up with work by doing it regularly may seem difficult when you have a lack of motivation but you will thank yourself in the future when you don’t have work piling up.


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