Dissertation diaries: October

I’ve decided now that I’m back at university to do another update on the dissertation writing process. I feel being back at university there really is a lot of work to be doing but I want to make sure I’m keeping up with this project.

Being back at university I was able to go to the library to get the physical copies of books that weren’t available to me online which really has been a great help and reading through these has given me the ability to fill in some of the gaps.

I met with my dissertation supervisor which I can’t recommend enough. It gave me such a good sense of direction and helped me with things I was starting to get confused about. It really helped me to understand my work better as I had to explain it to someone else and it made me realise the bits it’s didn’t quite understand. If you’re doing a dissertation you should definitely go see your supervisor, even if you feel you know exactly what you are doing they can help you confirm this.

My university requires us to do oral presentations just before the Christmas break to talk through our plan for our dissertation. This is something I’ve been working toward and knowing I need to talk for 10 minutes about my research helps me to make it more comprehensive.

On the actual essay, I got feedback on my introduction which allowed me to refine it and I feel a lot more confident with that. I managed to start the first chapter, working out the gaps and what needs smoothing out. The more I write the more confident I become which is a good feeling. Hopefully, I’ll be able to manage my time around this well while still getting on with my other work and sticking to other deadlines.


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