Thinking about graduating

Now that its officially Autumn, it gives me a real sense that the new academic year is beginning and summer is over. Because of this, I’m starting to get into the mind set of third year and thinking about where I want to be this time next year.

If I’m being honest, I’m not 100% sure what I want to do. I have many ideas floating round in my head but it can be difficult to know how to navigate all this. I felt by writing this, I would give others in the same situation the feeling that they are not alone. There are many resources you can access online which can help you find the graduate jobs or schemes that would suit you best. I am by no means an expert, in fact I’m almost the opposite of that.

I am beginning to realise how important it is to think about these things early which why I’ve decided to start looking now. It’s best to look into and get ideas about this before you get fully into the third year of university as that will become such a big focus. It’s very exciting to think about the future and to see where life takes me but at the moment I don’t yet know where that will be. Yes, there is the fear of no longer being in education but it’s a new chapter of life to look forward to and something new to navigate. But first before I graduate I have to get through my final year which I’m very much looking forward to, even though I know it will be difficult.


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